A2 CofC Course

A2 Certificate of Competency

The A2 Certificate of Competency

The A2 Certificate of Competency is the new qualification that allows you to fly C2 class aircraft (Sub 4kg) in the open category.


This qualification will allow you to fly your smaller drones closer to people, and in more areas.


This course includes a theory examination prior to being issued with your CAA ID card. The CAA ID card comes free with this course!

Online Presenter

Former CAA Drone Sector Lead, Andrew Hamilton

Our online A2 CofC theory course is presented by Andrew Hamilton. Andrew was the UAS Lead for the Civil Aviation Authority, overseeing all aspects of drone use in UK airspace.

Prior to Joining the CAA, Andrew developed and led the first UK Policing drone team, pioneering how they benefit policing every day.

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Complete your theory examination and you're ready to fly!

After passing your multiple choice theory exam, you are ready to fly your smaller drones closer to people!

Course Material

A2 Cofc
Unit 1

In this unit you will learn everything you need to know about weather conditions and how they may impact on your flights.


Unit 2
UAS Flight Performance

To fly a drone safely you need to know how they work. We take you through the basics of flight, how drones work, key components and systems, batteries and how to maintain your drone(s).

Unit 3
UAS Operating Principles

During this unit you will learn the importance of flying whilst fit and understand how medication and alcohol can affect your flights. You will also understand the importance of keeping your UA within VLOS at all times and how to operate safely in a congested area, identifying hazards. Finally you will look at mitigation that can be put in place to reduce air and ground risk.

Get a free CAA ID card when completing your A2 CofC Course!


A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC)

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